About MR3 Health

MR3 Health is a dynamic remote patient monitoring (RPM) company bringing an innovative combination of service and medical technology to patients and insurers to help prevent the complications associated with chronic diseases like hypertension and diabetes. MR3 monitors patients on a daily basis, identifying those with negative physiologic trends.  Upon identification, alerts are communicated to the member, healthcare payer, and the member’s clinical team indicating high risk of an acute health event.  MR3 proactively identifies the need for intervention thereby providing the opportunity to reduce risk and the potential cost of treatment and hospitalization. Our proven approach to chronic care management includes a number of distinctives including,

  • MR3’s technology and service are well suited to the management of chronic disease, and we offer a variety of remote patient monitoring options to help providers maintain the health of their patients.
  • MR3’s approach and service promote user compliance and successfully reduce acute episodes of chronic health conditions.
  • MR3’s in-home monitoring service offers a dependable, simplified approach to identifying and alerting providers to potential problems.

MR3 Health is uniquely positioned for success with a number of resources including key strategic industry relationships, issued patents, an FDA cleared medical device supported by published clinical trials, and a management team with a wealth of medical, manufacturing and business experience.

Our mission is to honor God through serving others. We seek to serve our customers, employees and suppliers by providing quality services and an encouraging work environment.

Our vision is to provide remote patient monitoring tools and services to help patients prevent prolonged episodes of challenging and costly care.

We value

  • Integrity
  • Quality
  • Service
  • Loyalty
  • Innovation

Please visit our main website at MR3Health.com